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Stay cool, comfortable and chic while dining al fresco

dodano: 13 sierpnia 2015 przez amberfashion

Just because you’re spending more time outdoors this time of year, it doesn’t mean your sense of style has to go on a vacation. There are plenty of ways to look — and feel — cool while out and about during the dog days of summer. Here’s some friendly fashion advice for your next al fresco dinner. FOR THE GALS • Think casual chic: When in doubt whether to...

Jessica Simpson is an extremely successful businesswoman with a fashion line that is a billion dollar business. Before she added “designer” to her résumé she was inspiring your style back in the 2000′s and late 1990′s. Jessica and her Daisy Duke shorts are part of the reason everyone has become addicted to jorts. Jessica also made you want a pair of UGG boots and a...