It's time to give your LBD a break

dodano: 31 sierpnia 2017 przez amberfashion

The Little Black Dress (aka the LBD) has long been a wardrobe essential, touted as the go-to in case of a fashion emergency and likely the hardest working piece in your party retinue.

While I'm not by any means telling you to turf yours, it's also a great time for a reminder that there are options out there that might serve you just as well.


Totally on trend and equally as chic as your black skirty number, the jumpsuit is the cool-girl's take on eveningwear. The key is to keep it elegant - slim-fit styles in luxe fabrics and darker hues will do just that.


Tuxedos and dressy pant suits are being worn on red carpets in increasing numbers, and with good reason - they're edgy, can cover up bits you'd rather not display, and done right are just darn sophisticated.

Classic black is the obvious option but actually pretty much any colour will work as long as it's well cut and minimal in design.


A statement skirt paired with a silky t-shirt or cami can be every bit as party-ready as a dress. Tap into the current trend for metallics or embellishment, or go for a single block colour in a diaphanous fabrication or a pretty print.

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