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CMH News: A wedding celebration

dodano: 20 lipca 2017 przez amberfashion

Happy Fourth of July! Sunday morning a non-denominational worship service was held in the Terrace Heights Chapel, led by Steve Fredrickson. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped and to those who conducted a Catholic communion service. Bingo was played at Terrace Heights on Monday afternoon. Steve Samek entertained at CMH after bingo. Related:...


A Maryland Garden Party with Liberian Influences

dodano: 13 lipca 2017 przez amberfashion

Sadatu Dennis and Kareem Meliani first met on September 19, 2010, while attending a friend's potluck dinner. The two Harvard University grad students had their first date a few days later—on September 24, 2010, to be exact—and the rest is history. They graduated (Sadatu from the School of Design, and Kareem from Harvard Business School) and moved to New York City, where Kareem...


This Is The Most Popular Wedding Gift Of 2017

dodano: 4 lipca 2017 przez amberfashion

We’re deep in the throes of wedding season right now, which means a lot of folks have probably had gifts — either for yourself if you’re about to get hitched, or for your favorite people if you’ve got a wedding or two to attend in the near future — on the brain lately. And hey, guess what? I’ve got good news for you: The most popular wedding gift of 2017...