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Michelle Obama's Holiday Dress

dodano: 21 stycznia 2017 przez amberfashion

Tanya Taylor is one of the many designers who is an avid supporter of not only Michelle Obama, but also Hillary Clinton. She created the ultimate fashion-girl pro-Hillary tee during the presidential campaign, and she dressed Michelle numerous times throughout her eight years as first lady. So it came as no surprise that when designing one of the most monumental dresses of her career, she...


Wedding Wow

dodano: 16 stycznia 2017 przez amberfashion

Conventionally, shopping for weddings happen to be quite tedious and exhausting, wandering from market to market in search of buying the perfect things for your wedding. However, lately, fast paced lives, and demanding consumers insist they be provided all wedding solutions in one place. Retailers are being forced to evolve and in a bid to stay relevant to wedding shoppers, are turning to...