Nashville Recap: 'Forever and for Always'

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Guess what’s back? Back again. Recap’s back. Tell your friends. Guess what’s back? Guess what’s back? Guess what’s back? Guess what’s back? Guess what’s back? Guess what’s back? Guess what’s back? (Recaps of ABC’s Nashville, right here on Country Life.)


Our half-season premiere opens with Deacon reciting his vows, and it’s so measured and rehearsed that you can tell he is literally being measured for a suit and rehearsing his vows in the mirror. Deacon’s only friend, Rando Guy He Owns A Bar With, I Think, watches on.

Rayna, meanwhile, is also excited about her wedding and talks about how it’s been kept secret because Nashville isn’t like New York or Los Angeles. Way fewer restaurants, for one, but also fewer paparazzi. “What am I thinking, planning a wedding while doing Marcus’s publicity tour, which he bailed on,” is what Rayna says. “Rayna Jaymes, you’re about to marry Deacon Claybourne,” is what Bucky says to her. I wish real people talked like this. We should all strive to be more expository when speaking to close friends. Try it today!

Aunt Tandy is back from Siberia for the wedding, and she takes the girls to the wedding location, some kind of secret lake with deep emotional significance. She says that after the wedding, people will head “to the reception to have a stiff drink!” Deacon makes a pointed look at her because he’s an alcoholic (who owns a bar). She obviously didn't mean anything by it, but a good way to prepare for your wedding if you’re a soap opera character is to get into a fight with your future sister-in-law.

Rayna and Deacon talk about how great she is, planning the wedding in less than a month (even though every problem was later solved by the wedding planner). They look at the lake and talk about the dead family they miss the most, his sister and her mother. Her father is also dead but they don’t talk about him, ever, even though her dad was Powers Boothe. I’d talk about that all the time!

Elsewhere in Nashville, Scarlett (a “Sunday Funday!” invitation from your least essential friend) and Gunnar discuss their own unique brand of pre-wedding jitters. She’s nervous because she’s never sung at a wedding before, and Gunnar says he’s never been to a real wedding at all. He’s, like, 30? That can’t be right. And Avery and Emily talk about Juliette. Emily talks about how good Juliette is doing in therapy and how her relationship is growing with her baby. Avery talks about how he never wants to have a relationship with Juliette beyond co-parenting Cadence, a very cute television baby who sometimes appears.


Guess where Rayna and Deacon held the dinner? That’s right, Springwater The Bluebird. Maddie and Daphne sing a song for, as Maddie says, “My mom and dad.” Daphne gives her sister a pointed look, because her dad’s in jail. Because he’s a dumb criminal. (Maddie’s dad is merely an immature layabout with a short fuse.) They sing their song, which goes something like “Moonlight moonlight / love love love love / happy good / yes let’s” but Daphne stops singing, because she must have inherited her mother’s genes for DRAMA.

Everyone tries to exit out back, but there’s loads of paparazzi snapping hot pics of the party. Smashin’ Deacon returns with a quickness, and he bangs up a pap and his camera. “It’s paparazzi scum moving into all those condos,” Deacon says in my mind.

Back at home, Rayna recites a Rodney Dangerfield bit about how people got no respect. It turns out a non-superlative florist leaked all the wedding locations, and there’s even going to be helicopters on hand to ruin their special day. They think it’s too late to find a “traditional venue” (do they mean a church? I bet there’s 400 quaint country churches that could pull something together but WHATEVER) but the wedding planner says she’s been looking a lot at Pinterest and can get them a wedding barn, aka “off-season event space.” Deacon feels bad that they have to move the wedding. He’s says “It’s a bad thing! It’s a sign!” Immature and short-fused. Like I said.


The barn is made up all pretty-like, because pretty much anywhere looks nice when you remove pooping livestock and add good lighting. Try it! But not pretty-like are everyone’s ATTITUDES. Tandy keeps shooting Deacon hate-looks, and Deacon tries to comfort Maddie over his rageaholism but she pulls away. Doesn’t want him to smash any of her things, I bet.

Daphne is trying to fake sick. Tandy puts a stop to it.

Across town, Gunnar has made his wedding hair very, very high, and Avery decided to do nothing with his hair at all. Will comes downstairs, with good hair, but he has bad news. He was let go by his publisher for refusing to work with the gay homophobe serial creep. He doesn’t want to go the wedding because he’s a “gay has-been singer.” Why does he not play mid-sized clubs and theaters? He’ll never be a zillionaire, but he’d have a respectable, maybe decades-long career. k.d. lang’s not broke, you know?

At the venue, Rayna tells Maddie “I”m finally marrying your father!” like a real upbeat episode ofMaury or something. Maddie asks if it bothers her that he assaulted a man like 12 hours ago and destroyed his property in a flash of rage. Rayna’s all “lol nope he had it coming!” The hell? Maddie can’t sing in public because of how vicious the press is, but Mom's fiancé full-on commits a crime in plain view of 10 other cameras and it’s chill? BE CONSISTENT. Maddie tells her mo this is not the first time she’s seen him go Deacon Smash, and that “you say it’s okay that he loses control, but it’s not!” How Maddie ended up one of the only smart people in her world is a miracle. Mayor Dad may have been stupid, a criminal, useless, and stupid but at least he wasn’t smashing stuff all the time.

Rayna tells Deacon about how his child thinks he’s a psycho what I’m guessing is like a couple of hours before their wedding ceremony. He is, of course, loud and upset. Being the smart, chill, normal, well-adjusted person that he is, he drives away from the venue without telling anyone.

While the family getting hitched deals with their nonsense drama, the assorted younger folks run around acting like fools, too. Some (famous?) guy approaches Avery and asks where Juliette is. Avery lies and tells everyone she’s in London working on making her hit movie a play. Like 60 percent of a relationship is lying for your significant other when they don’t want to go to bullshit social obligations like no-phones-allowed barn weddings of their professional rivals and ex-lovers (remember?), but Avery has to sell this lie to every obnoxious person who asks him, and it leads to a panic attack.

Scarlett brought her work notebook to a formal family event, but Gunnar, who obviously has feelings for her, tries to hook her up with assorted wedding randos like Handsome Taxidermist and Handsome Comic Book Nerd. These guys seem fine? I would LOVE to have a conversation about taxidermy at a wedding filled with music industry people. But Scarlett, Avery and Gunnar find these basic social interactions with polite strangers to be exceedingly difficult, so they devise a subtle ear-pulling method to save one another from the horror of small talk.

Oh, and Layla was invited to the wedding? Haha, okay. She looks like a baller widow, and for about 2 minutes has the healthiest mental state of any person on the show, ever. She realizes that Jeff’s death was an accident and there’s nothing anyone could do about it. Except it was NOT an accident, and Colt (also there) tells Layla that Jeff saved Juliette from jumping off the roof when he fell. Layla understandably freaks and runs to puke some feelings out. She is now scheming to sleep with Avery or something, so, you know, more on that in weeks to come.

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Back to the family! Daphne is upset. She says Maddie, Deacon, and Rayna are the family and she’s on the outside. She also says Tandy doesn’t want Rayna to marry Deacon. Maddie is upset, but her cool older friend gives some advice on how difficult it can be to be the child of a recovering alcoholic. Rayna is upset, and summons Tandy to be like “Why do you interact with Deacon like he’s cancer” and Tandy says “On account of him causing you pain for 20 years.” Rayna says she’s going to marry him anyway.

Speaking of Deacon, he drove off to the cemetery to visit his sister’s grave. Good thing they buried her in Middle Tennessee and not Mississippi! His One Friend followed and asked if he got cold feet. His friend insists it’s the disease talking, but does alcoholism also make you smash stuff when you’re sober?

Rayna sits the girls down in their wedding finery to make sure they are cool with this going forward. “Deacon is a person who feels things very deeply and sometimes he’s going to overreact and say things he shouldn’t say. Not unlike a certain 16-year-old I know.” Deacon is a 50-year-old man. She tells Daphne not to feel left out, because it’s actually the three of them who are the family, and Deacon is the outsider who needs to earn everyone’s trust. This is not a healthy dynamic, guys!

So then Rayna and Deacon get married.

They have their first dance, and it’s to MC Hammer. JK it’s a country song. Except for Avery and Layla, it looks like everyone has a good wedding. Deacon and the kids make up, Deacon and Tandy make up, Gunnar and Scarlett dance. Deacon and Rayna leave the wedding and sing songs to each other about keeping promises. These two dorks deserve each other.

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