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5 tips for giving a wedding toast

dodano: 30 października 2015 przez amberfashion

Several months before my first time as a maid of honour, I had a stress dream that I showed up at the wedding rehearsal without my bridesmaid dress, and my toast for the next night was completely unwritten. Never mind that you don't need a bridesmaid dress for a rehearsal: In the dream, I searched for said dress - emerging hours later, having missed everything. When I apologised profusely,...


Things you should know about Catholic weddings

dodano: 27 października 2015 przez amberfashion

Marking her anniversary yesterday (congrats!), Simcha Fisher today calls up some memories of her own nuptials, and points to this very good piece at the USCCB website, which shatters a few popular myths about Roman Catholic weddings: In some traditions, at the conclusion of the procession into the Church, the presiding minister may ask, “Who gives this woman to be married?” And...



dodano: 22 października 2015 przez amberfashion

A veil of sadness fell over the state capitol two weekends ago as its most handsome legislator, 30-year-old State Assemblyman Ian Calderon, took himself off the market by marrying Elise Lau. Former Assembly Speaker John Perez presided over what was, by all accounts, a lovely ceremony at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. "It was an amazing and interesting wedding," says...


Couple stops by the ‘K’ on their wedding day

dodano: 19 października 2015 przez amberfashion

A Kansas City couple didn’t let the most important day of their lives stand in the way of making it to ALCS Game 2 at Kauffman Stadium Saturday; they showed up to cheer on the ‘Boys in Blue’ in a wedding dress and tuxedo. Newlyweds Tricia and Kyle Kovach got married at 1 p.m. Saturday, and then headed straight for the ‘K’, making a grand entrance near the first...


Chinese wedding

dodano: 15 października 2015 przez amberfashion

A corruption trial over fake Chinese wedding trips in France resumed this week after it was dramatically postponed when a senator who stood accused of complicity committed suicide. Jean Germain, a close ally of President Francois Hollande, was found dead in the garage next to his house just moments before the trial was due to begin in April, having shot himself with a hunting rifle. View...


Elvis remains a popular fixture for themed wedding ceremonie

dodano: 12 października 2015 przez amberfashion

Elvis Presley is dead, but he’s still extremely busy. Elvis is king of a growing cast of celebrity wedding officiants dressed in character. With millennials and Gen Xers now in their prime marriage years, the days of trotting out a fake Elvis to officiate at Las Vegas wedding chapel would seemingly be long gone. Not so, said Ron DeCar, a performer and owner of Viva Las Vegas...



dodano: 6 października 2015 przez amberfashion

What is everyone talking about at Paris Fashion Week? It's neither a designer, a show, a model nor your next round of creative-director-musical-chairs (though there's still plenty of speculation about who will replace Alexander Wang at Balenciaga). Rather, it's Instagram. Vogue editor Anna Wintour hosted a dinner for co-founder Kevin Systrom and his newly appointed head of fashion...