Stay cool, comfortable and chic while dining al fresco

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Just because you’re spending more time outdoors this time of year, it doesn’t mean your sense of style has to go on a vacation. There are plenty of ways to look — and feel — cool while out and about during the dog days of summer. Here’s some friendly fashion advice for your next al fresco dinner.


• Think casual chic: When in doubt whether to dress up or down, opt for an ensemble that’s a little of both. For an evening affair when the air might be cooler, try something with more coverage, like plus size bridesmaid dresses or skirt with a top of your choice. If it’s sleeveless, bring along a denim jacket or lightweight cardigan for warmth. For more of a daytime look, consider shorts in a bold hue or print (stay away from anything too short though), and pair it with a tucked-in tank or tee in a neutral color. Or swap the shorts for pencil pants (again, don’t be afraid to have fun with color) with the cuffs rolled up.

Women's outdoor party fashion A maxi dress, like the Tarja midi dress ($319 at Anthropologie,, simply accessorized, is one option for an al fresco function.

• Flats are your friend: No matter how skilled you are in heels, your fancy footwork is no match for the great outdoors. Kitten and high skinny heels sink into soft, grassy surfaces. Save yourself from the struggle -- and your favorite shoes from being ruined — and go with a flat shoe (slip-on flats, a flat strappy sandal or wedges are all safe choices). For those who just can’t part with their heeled shoes, wear ones with a thick, chunky heel. And no flip-flops!

• Go easy on accessories: Let cocktail glasses be all that’s clinking at your party. Go light on statement jewelry so that stacks of baubles and bangles aren’t a noisy nuisance, or lead to extra perspiration. Instead, pick one bold piece (a large necklace, ring or earrings, for example) to be the focus of an outfit, or mix a few simple pieces together.

• A fresh face: Limit makeup to just the basics: a light sweep of eye shadow (if desired), a little mascara, foundation (if needed), a hint of blush and a soft gloss or lipstick. Wearing too much will smudge and shine from heat and humidity.


• Relaxed yet refined: Take a cue from trends spotted in July at New York Fashion Week: Men's, and go for a look that’s polished yet comfortable. An unstructured jacket, rolled-up trousers or jeans, or a light cardigan with sleeves pushed up over a fitted tee are some options. Elevate the effortless cool factor by placing a jacket over shoulders (without slipping arms in sleeves) or tying a cardigan around the waist.

• Preppy possibilities: You can’t go wrong with a polo shirt. Style it in any color with shorts or pants, sandals or sneakers.

• Keep footwear classic: Leave the vibrant sneakers and clunky leather or Velcro mandals at home. Let shoes subtly punctuate your clothes by sticking with ones that are crisp and clean (white tennis shoes, a slip-on boat shoe, or a simple sandal).

• A little something extra: While you don’t want to overdo it, it’s OK to have a little fun with accessories. Pick no more than two: sunglasses, a casual hat, a bandanna or scarf, an interesting belt or bold watch.

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