Jessica Simpson is an extremely successful businesswoman with a fashion line that is a billion dollar business. Before she added “designer” to her résumé she was inspiring your style back in the 2000′s and late 1990′s. Jessica and her Daisy Duke shorts are part of the reason everyone has become addicted to jorts. Jessica also made you want a pair of UGG boots and a monogrammed designer bag more than you already did. And then of course there was her shiny Barbie blonde hair you tried to copy but could never quite get it to look as good.

This is why we wanted to raid Jessica Simpson’s closet:

1. She could pull off a jumpsuit as well as a dress.

Jessica Simpson (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage)

(Photo: A-line wedding dress)

Rompers and jumpsuits have always been considered tricky to pull off. The wrong style can give you a permanent wedgie or look like you’re trapped in the 1970′s. Jessica worked a jumpsuit as well as any dress. She even made a case for the boiler suit.

2. She had the best bags.

When I say “best bags” I mean she had a collection of Louis Vuitton bags. She had the classic brown one, but she also had the white one with the multicolored logos which was your ultimate dream bag.

3. She made us really want to own a white suit.

Did we have any place to wear it? No. Was it practical? Not really. Did that stop us from wanting one? Nope. There was something about Jessica’s head-to-toe tailored white outfits that we liked. They looked fresh and not like regular stuffy office suits. The lack of a blouse helped.

4. Jessica made boho glam.

The Olsen twins and Sienna Miller‘s versions of boho had a bit too many layers and one random scarf too many. Jessica nailed the boho trend. Translation: She threw on a small floppy hat and a long necklace and we decided to start calling it “glamorous boho.”

5. Jessica helped make the tracksuit a thing.

We loved Newlyweds for the hilarious one-liners (the tuna/chicken thing is still a classic). However, we also enjoyed the show because we got to get a good luck at Jessica’s casual looks which were often comprised of a tracksuit, hoop earrings and a designer bag. That was how you wanted to relax.

6. She proved that there was no such thing as a pair of sunglasses that were “too big.”

Bug-eyed sunglasses were all the rage back in the day. Somehow Jessica convinced us that you could never buy a pair of sunglasses that were too big for your face. The bigger they were, the cooler you looked, and the more sun protection you had.

7. Jessica knew the importance of a hat.

A hat is often the cherry on top of a great look and Jessica knew that. The 2000′s were all about hats and Jessica had a collection of floppy hats, newsboy caps and fedoras that hat-loving Justin Timberlake was probably jealous of.

8. Jessica made everyone want to own 10 different pairs of jean shorts.

I’m pretty sure you can thank Jessica for 67% of the jean shorts sold in the mid 2000′s. Jessica/Daisy Duke made us realize our wardrobe was missing all of the wide variety of jorts available from cutoffs to high-waisted ones to teeny shorts with teeny cuffs.

9. She got us into cowboy boots.

Jessica was one of the people who made us realize how great UGGs were, but her other great contribution to footwear was popularizing cowboy boots. It didn’t matter where you lived, you needed a pair of cowboy boots. What else was going to do with your frayed denim shorts?

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