Dive into bridal inspiration and fun July 20

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Fit together all the pieces from St. Louis’ Best Bridal to turn ideas and details into the wedding of your dreams. Join us at our next Show from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday, July 20, at Orlando's Event Center in Maryland Heights to help complete your special day.

All brides-to-be take home ideas, samples and plans, but one will wear an extra-special smile because she will go home with a free Funjet Vacation from Travel Haus at an El Dorado resort.


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Those who attend St. Louis’ Best Bridal celebrations have said that anyone planning a wedding in the St. Louis metro area cannot afford to pass up the great opportunities. It works whether the bridal list is just getting under way or needs only a few spaces filled.

Myriad resources await future newlyweds. A fashion show, new at each show, offers an updated look at what your wedding party may look like. It may fulfill dreams of a lifetime or create wondrous new ones.

Many brides-to-be arrive with their future grooms or other support team simply looking for ideas and go away with more – bargains from vendors specifically tuned to the show. They can sign up for further information or even select many useful items. It is a time to survey how a variety of local experts fits their dreams.

If you are just beginning the process, quick overviews backed up with concise lists of what a typical wedding includes and questions to ask are found in the St. Louis’ Best Bridal Planner, sized to carry with you on your planning adventures. Another logical source is St. Louis’ Best Bridal Magazine, with a brand new edition available twice a year.

Coming to the show or signing up at entitles the couple to special show offers and tips by email. Don't receive our newsletter?

Whatever else must be done, discovered or included in your wedding, follow our two easy "rules."

1. This is your time to shine.

2. Enjoy it.

You’ve already done the hardest, most important work of finding your lifetime soul mate. Let us help with the details – small and large.



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